Diversity & Corrections Policy

Diversity Policy

Our team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds who work actively in reporting stories from around the globe related to Sports, Latest News, Entertainment and Gaming. Staying true to our mission of providing you with accurate updates, we are actively working on providing you with the best and latest content while simultaneously engaging a variety of voices, writers and various news sources in confirming the accuracy of the said news.

Corrections Policy

Adding Corrections

Our aim as a team while producing content is ensuring transparency in corrections and accuracy of the information at all times.  If and when any correction or error omission is required, we will update that particular post and add a correction in bold letters along with mentioning a side note at the bottom of that post. All of this is to ensure the viewers and make it certain that we remain accountable and responsible for the content we post and do abide the trusted journalism standards.

Updating Existing Posts

Content keeps on changing and upgrading and so our team keeps a track and updates the old or obsolete content/information while consistently updating the evergreen posts whenever there’s an additional or new piece of information. While updating any post, we do add notes and the date on which the post was updated. This is to inform the viewers/readers of the changes made in the post.