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The beloved American pastor, author, and televangelist Joel Scott Osteen has written several bestselling books. As per the records, his televised sermons approximately gets around 10 million users around more than 100 countries per week. Osteen was encouraged by his father to start preaching. His preaching style mainly consists of memorizing his remarks and listening to himself on tape. He teaches and lectures about Biblical principles, efficiently highlighting the power of love and a positive attitude.

Unlike most of the preachers, he does not focus much on hell, devil or sin, which makes his teachings more memorable and easy to absorb. When Osteen got asked about the reason behind not talking about suffering or evil, he replied that Gospel means ‘Good News’. Hd that some people do preach about the hell as if they are already going there. He did not want to preach in that way. He has written several books such as Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential. The releasing date of this book, which was also his first book, was in October 2004. His second book got titled as becoming a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day which got released in October 2007.

Personal Life of Joel Osteen:

Joel Scott Osteen was born on March 5, 1963, in Houston, Texas. His father was a former Southern Baptist Pastor who has founded Lakewood Sea Church. Osteen is currently the senior pastor of the church. Joel has graduated from Humble High School in 1981. He later went on to study radio and television communications at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Osteen did not graduate and started fully working on preaching and teaching about the Bible. He is married to Lakewood’s Church co-pastor Victoria Osteen. Joel Osteen met his wife Victoria in a jewellery shop, and they went for their first date in the church. Victoria gave birth to two children, a son and a daughter. The family currently lives in a 17,000 square-foot mansion located in a beautiful location at River Oaks. The estimated value of the estate is around $10.5 million.

Joel Osteen’s views on political and controversial issues:

The pastor has always avoided talking or commenting about any political or controversial issues that can hurt someone’s feelings. Therefore, he has always avoided preaching about sensitive topics such as abortion, gay marriage or any other political issues. Once Osteen was asked to talk about his views about homosexuality. Thus God approves of homosexuality, Osteen replied that homosexuality gets considered as sin according to his interpretation of Scriptures. However, he concluded the statement that gay people have always called warmly welcomed in his church without judging them. Also, in one of the interviews on Fox News, Osteen was asked one more question, that whether Mormons were Christians or not? He replied by saying that he believes that they were Christians. He further continued by indicating that he has not studied religion.

Joel Osteen Controversies:

During the Hurricane Harvey, which occurred in August 2017, Osteen first did not open the gates of the Lakewood Church which has a 606000 square-foot area and 16,000 seat former sports arena which is available for the people suffering. As the church was not open as an emergency shelter, Osteen received significant criticism. However, on August 27, we could see on pastor’s social media account a few posts from the church indicating that it was inaccessible due to massive flooding. He further posted “If we could get to the church, then we would have opened the doors”. On August 28, it was announced by the Lake wood church that it would open its gates for providing shelter to the people in need the very next date that is on August 29, and it indeed was open. It was indeed beneficial for many people who were suffering due to several extreme conditions.

Joel Osteen’s Net Worth:

According to the sources, Osteen’s Net Worth is between $40 million and $60 million. Joel Osteen Net worth Fortune gets obtained through his church as well as his books. His books have been one of the bestselling books until now. Osteen runs the largest Protestant Church in the world which according to the current records is attended by 50,000 and more worshipers. In the list of the Richest Pastors in America, Joel Osteen holds the place at fifth position. Up to date, Joel Osteen has currently earned about $55 million from his bestselling books.

It is indeed very much hard to award a person who has always been inspiring people for following the right path. He is indeed considered as a hero by many who has got rescued from the evil way. However, because of his most cherished books, Joel Osteen can get awarded as the most inspirational author. Although being one of the wealthiest pastors, he has always acted as a renowned motivational speaker and a warm helping hand for people in need.

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