Ohh..Cassian Andor: Here’s What We Know So Far About The Upcoming Disney+ Star Wars Series

The storyline so far

During the Battle of Scariff in Rogue One, all members of the core team were killed. K-2SO was shot down by Empire troops. Cassian Andor was destroyed next to Xian. The Death Star annihilated the planet.
Story of Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Lucasfilms will make a prequel to Rogue One, the production house behind the series. The series will tell the story of Cassian Andor’s time with the rebellion. The show will be a rash spy thriller. It will focus on Cassian’s early years with the rebellion.

In Rogue One, Cassian is a detective who has been part of the fight since the age of six and has lost a lot. But he never let her fight to prevent any obstacle or failure which is right. In the new series, viewers will get to see what Cassian lost, sacrificed and did in the name of rebellion.
Release date

The show was announced in November 2018. It is in pre-production. Filming has been stopped due to corona virus outbreaks. No official announcement of the series’ release date has been made. The series is expected to launch on Disney + in 2021.

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