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Philippine’s largest TV network ABS-CBN ordered shut

Nowadays the world is fighting against harmful coronavirus, there is big news out are ABS-CBN, the largest television network in the Philippines, got ordered to bring to end operations. Due to the rejection of President Rodrigo Duterte to renew a 25-year license of the station. Philippine’s one of the government agency has ordered to broadcast network, whose works and operation should be stopped after its congressional franchise get expired. ABS-CBN is the largest broadcaster during coronavirus pandemic. Many people are in shock due to this loss of a major news provider.

ABS-CBN is known for its prime time broadcasting news program.

ABS-CBN is principally involved in TV and Radio broadcasting. Also the production of tv programming for domestic and international audiences. ABS-CBN is a Filipino media and entertainment broadcast group in Quezon City, Phillippines. ABS-CBN is an independent tv broadcaster with a 25-year license, also media combination in terms of assets, market capitalization, revenue, number of employees, and income. ABS-CBN is employing more than 11,000 people which is operating as a 25-year old congressional franchise.

Media watchdogs have accused the government of independent media ABS-CBN that has reported critically on key decisions by Duterte administration. Duterte complains that ABS-CBN has refused to run his political advertisements during campaign season-contention denied by the corporation. ABS-CBN’s coverage of Duterte, the war on drugs, has killed thousands of people, also angered the Philippines ‘ president.

Philippines solicitor general, Jose Calida has a complaint in the country’s highest court, in which there is accused of violating the operating franchise by ABS-CBN Corporation and its subsidiary. House representatives have indeed supported the renewal of the congressional franchise of ABS-CBN Corp. But the Corporation has not started deliberating several bills. It was not sure how Mr. Calida’s petition will affect the regulations. Agency’s Top officials have permitted temporary license because of a lack of information while the application was pending, during coronavirus pandemic.

The shut down of ABS-CBN corp comes after the renewal of license had been pending under congress, which Is controlled by Duterte allies. The hearing was delayed due to the pandemic. In addition to ABS-CBN, some other newspapers and organizations have been attacked for being critical of Duterte. The country’s foremost newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer and the news organization Rappler have been attacked.

On many occasions, Duterte tried to block the renewal of the network’s franchise and suggesting the owners sell the company to break the deadlock situation. Also he urged that his hand-picked leaders in Congress were free to take decisions on the issue.

Many top officials of the country have been commented on this sparkle shocking news of ABS-CBN shut down. Representative Franz Alvarez, who is the head of the congressional committee on regulation of franchise, told ABS-CBN that he was surprised after getting the news and also for backtracking of commission from its pledge. Many members of the senate were agreed to the temporary license. He also added that the application of the renewal of the franchise of ABS-CBN will be active and the network said they will try to reopen the network.

“This move is the case of political harassment against the Philippine democracy.” -a statement issued by the Foreign Correspondents

Association of the Philippines (FOCAP).

Before the expiration of franchise, Solicitor-general Jose Calida asked the supreme court to revoke the operating franchise of ABS-CBN Corp. And a subsidiary to shut down the company for reportedly abusing its franchises and violating the regulations of the franchise. But ABS-CBN denied the

The company said that, they did not violate the law. This case appears to be an attempt to deprive Filipinos of the services of ABS-CBN. Also added that ABS-CBN will remain committed to being in the service of Filipino and they will find new ways to continue providing meaningful service to people.

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