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The 100 Season 8 is cancelled and not renewed for another season

The 100, also known as the Hundred, is one of the famous legacy series of The CW Network. It is one such series where it moves beyond the teen drama and becomes a good science fiction series that captured the attention of the viewers. The series features new worlds to visit, turns and twists besides the unexpected, exciting adventures.

The 100 features cast such as Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Eliee Doree, etc. in the leading role. The creator of the post-apocalyptic, science-fiction, action crime series is Josen Rothenberg, taken from Kass Morgan’s same-name novel series. Let’s see all the details about the eighth season of the 100.


Home to the Network of the CW, the 100 series made its way before six years in March. However, there is big disappointing news for the viewers that the series will not come back for other seasons. There will be no season eight of the anime, and season seven was the last and final season. The declaration concerning the cancellation occurred a year ago merely after the debuting of season 6. Jason, the show’s maker, said that they are interminably appreciative of the WB and the CW for permitting them to reveal to the world their story. Since the show’s restoration did not occur, there is no eighth season’s release date of the series the 100.

Reason for Cancellation: The 100 Season 8

The series is over rather than getting cancelled. Also, an announcement for it took place in the last year only that the series the 100 will be the hundredth episode. The series also ended with a conclusive finale with Clark and her other friend’s decision to stay back at the Sanctum. The future is also befitting with the episodes ending.

Cast: The 100 Season 8

The 100 featured casts such as Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulo, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Tasya Teles, Shelby Flannery, Chuku Modu, JR Bourne, Shannon Kook, Zach McGowan, Henry Ian Cusick, Isaiah Washington, etc. in the leading role. It featured characters such as Clark Griffin, John Murphy, Abigail Griffin, Marcus Cane, Finn Collins, Thelonious Jaha, Wells Jaha, Octavia Blake, Jasper Jordan, Bellamy Blake, Monty Green, Raven Reyes, etc.

Plotline: The 100 Season 8

There is no Plotline left for covering even if the series gets renewed for season 8. Season 7 ended with a good note and conclusion for everyone. However, since the series did not get renewed for another season, there is no official Plotline or any trailer. Season 8 would maybe feature some another adventure in another dimension if the series renewal for series had taken place. But, it will not happen now.

Storyline: The 100 

The series 100 takes place in between the space and Earth. Inhabitants residing in the space named the place as Ark, which is a space station. It is a post-apocalyptic series as it takes place after ninety-seven years of a nuclear explosion wiping out almost all the populations from the Earth. However, the Ark soon fails to provide support due to which people are sent to Earth to see whether the place is capable of residing or not.

Trailer: The 100 Season 8

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