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‘Kingdom’: Special Episode Season 3 is releasing. What should the fans expect?

‘Kingdom’: Special Episode Season 3 is releasing. What should the fans expect?
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The ever-popular Netflix series which has the fans hooked with its intriguing plot line and endless action that has them on the edge of their seats, might not release on the date that you have recently heard about. The rumours going around about the possible release of the next season are all false and no information from the official sources have been released that confirm or deny them. But it is safe to assume that no concrete date is yet released. Although we know for a fact that the series is in the post-production phase and could possibly see a release in the end of 2021 or the start of 2022. 

What is the series about?

The South Korean political period horror-thriller is set during the Joseon dynasty, three years after the Imjin War. It follows the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang and his subordinates who discover the existence of a mysterious plague that resurrects the dead. The discovery that comes during the investigation about the political conspiracy brewing in the kingdom and the possible death of the King of Joseon, that startles them, and they immediately start the investigation of the source of the plague. This investigation leads them into the depths of chaos and death.

They meet up with their allies in the city of Sangju and hope to control this plague before it spreads into the different provinces. But they discover that the plague has already adapted itself and now an army of undead stand that is ready to wreck problems.

With the increase in the tensions in the castle, the crown prince tries to find a possible solution to this plague. While doing all of this he also has to save the kingdom from the clutches of the Haewon Cho clan who have a sinister plan up their sleeves.

The second season unravelled many secrets but gave rise to many more questions that the fans seek an answer to. But to satiate some desires of the fans while they wait for the new season a special episode is all set for release for the fans.


A new special episode of the series, a ‘sidequel’, is going to be released by Netflix on July 23rd. The episode titles KINGDOM: ASHIN OF THE NORTH, is the backstory of a character that we were only briefly introduced to back at the end of season 2.

The streaming site has confirmed that the episode follows the story of Jun Ji-Hyun (also known as Gianna Jun), a character who has just been featured for a few moments, creating curiosity amongst the fans about her role in the playing of the plague. The new episode is set to answer all those questions. It will give us the origin story of this enigmatic woman and her connection to the plague. 

What did we see in the second season?

The killing of the horde

The crown prince and his subordinates had gone on a suicide mission, they gave their everything yet the overwhelming number of zombies made all their efforts in vain. The war led to a huge number of casualties and bit every single one of our heroes. The fight that was fought on a thin veil of ice had the fighters getting desperate and losing their motivation.

Chang in a last-ditch effort slammed one of the zombies on the ice which broke and drowned all of the hordes. The heroes were saved as the virus didn’t reach their brains and the contact with water drove the infectious worms out of their bodies.

To kill or not to kill

The main scandal of the series was the use of an illegitimate child by queen Cho to retain control over the palace. The baby was deemed the heir of the throne and reduced all powers of Chang who had to give it up to the Queen. But when he discovered the truth he set out to kill the baby and rule himself as the rightful owner of the throne. He was well aware of the consequences of not killing the child.

But his conscience did not allow such action instead he spared the life of the child and faked his own death. As the news of his death spread the elders of the kingdom start preparing the baby for the throne. Chang meanwhile starts the investigation to learn the origin of the resurrection flower, the main culprit behind the plague.

The resurrection?

The virus was deemed to have been gone forever with all traces removed forever. The young prince is raised, and peace is restored in the kingdom. Seven years later the virus that was thought gone makes a comeback. In the final moments of the second season, we see a virus crawl out from under the sleeping Prince’s skin.

Initially, since the baby was young with his brain not fully developed the worm was dormant but with the prince, all grown up the worm is ready to strike again. Chang who believed he had every single one was in for surprise.

What can the fans expect from the third season?

Status of north

Chang who had been investigating the origins of the flowers and worm stumbles over the northern area, only to find it in shambles. They had gone to the place in order to confirm the information about a possible seller of the flowers who had been selling it to the common folks on the Chinese/Korean border. Upon looking further in the village they find an abandoned village that has everyone of the villagers turned. With no reinforcements it is possible that the former crown prince has to retreat.

The undead prince

The most anticipated part of the new season is possibly the fate of the new crown prince. The worm that has been lurking within the prince could very well be the same and leave the prince undead and spread it again in the palace. But it also has people speculating about a new twist with a new variation of the worm that has been dormant for a long time and had time to develop itself further and we could get a hybrid version of the worm.

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