Toulouse: for Rio Loco, which starts on this Sunday, the medical pass and 2,500 spectators per day gathered

Toulouse: for Rio Loco, which starts on this Sunday, the medical pass and 2,500 spectators per day gathered

The festival takes eight days rather than four to open on Sunday, the 2021 edition of Rio Loco, at the Prairie des Filters. Spectators must display their concert ticket at the door i.e the entrance, as well as a health passport and ID to ensure that you are really safe and sound and also, these are obligatory hygienic measurements. While there, the entire time, you must stay seated and wear your mask. There will be no more than 19,000 audience in the concert hall in the coming 8 days and this is in comparison to 50,000 people before covid.

It is compulsory for people below the age of 10 show their health pass in order to enter the venue. It also has a Digital Form submission thing or it can be done in a paper form too, where you have to submit form through a QR code. This form would prove that you’re not a Covid Positive patient and this will allow you to further qualify to be a part of the concert.

Here’s the lineup

Line-up: Fatoumata Diawara, Blick Bassy, PONGO, Ray Lema, James BKS, and Kolinga

Here’s the venue

Venue Rio Loco Festival 18 Rue Saint Remesy 31555 Toulouse, France

A valid immunisation card is required. A negative lab test of less than 48 hours (R T-PCR); or positive test results of more than 15 days and under 6months before the injection, guaranteeing your recoveries from Covid-19, 2 weeks after the second injection of the vaccine with two injection, 4 weeks after injecting a one-injection vaccine, or 2 weeks after single injection with people who had already had Covid-19. The self-tests are not allowed. Please notice The company suggests that your health card be shown on your mobile phone. Therefore, the transition to control is faster. You can ask for a refund of your seat if you do not acquire a health pass in time for your show.

Because of the size reduction the organisers recommend that the audience arrive early, since the concerts begin in due course and everybody can go back home and follow the scheduling. The door is open from 4.30 p.m. 11 p.m.). In groups of not more than 6 people, Rio Loco workers carry out the unnumbered placement. The public has access to bleachers and chairs.

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