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Shikha Kalsi : The Writer/Actress making a difference with her heart warming stories

Belonging from the scintillating city of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, Shikha Kalsi has been a dreamer and believer considering that childhood. Fond of performing, Shikha found her knack for theatre in her teenage and has showcased her theatrical techniques in different performs given that then.

Possessing worked as a cabin crew for two notable airlines in India, Shikha has also been on the place of a probationary officer for a national bank, but the theatre enthusiast in her realized that these work opportunities were being not her calling and that she was born to narrate tales.

The believer in Shikha took a plunge and started the journey to do what her coronary heart wants very best in the desire town, Mumbai. Throughout the training course of this journey, Shikha has been satiating her want to inform tales by crafting a novel, which is scheduled to be produced shortly.

Avowing to enable her phrases unfold across screens, Shikha began her stint as an actor, her innocence has been showcased in shorter movies this sort of as Goonj, a Pocket Movies generation which is obtainable on YouTube and a masterpiece that opened new horizons for the youthful lady. Her self written emotive play, ‘The Female Child’, has been introduced a number of periods in Mumbai and have constantly left the viewers overcome with a blend of thoughts.

The author/actor has completed lots of roles and she will take satisfaction in her capacities of a producer, writer and actor, talking about her films, Shikha states,”Since childhood, I found theatre and acting to be very liberating for me, it was a medium for me to link my soul with the earth, expanding up I dreamt of currently being in this job, but in some way, I was pulled with obligations, following which, I labored at some positions whilst crafting stories that I felt should really be told, today I am glad that I am residing my desires and I believe that this is just the start out of phenomenal projects”.

“I have often been somebody who’s topics revolve around the feminine inhabitants of our nation, their struggles, their aspirations and beliefs, that is evident in all the tales I have written and acted in, I have been privileged that my operate has been capable to affect persons, with these inspiration coming from my audience’s, I am specified I want to acquire this streak ahead with my forthcoming releases’, adds Shikha.

Shikha is established to current a different masterpiece termed ‘Fairy’, a transferring short film which has been composed by the prolific author herself. The cherry on the cake lies in the actuality that Shikha can also be seen actively playing the guide purpose in the movie, which will definitely amplify the scope of the depth of her character and will be a address for the audiences.

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