NFT: The HDCYT YouTube channel that hosts the original clip is owned by Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr now, the subjects of the video. To become part of what they call the “next exciting thing,” Harry & Charlie launched a website to auctioneer off the NFT before Charlie Bit My Finger’s removal, probably giving the sender the 760,999 dollars winning bid ownership of the video. The champ of the auction will win the NFT and also the opportunity to re-create the video with the original players as well.

The remarkable and meme-able YouTube video “Charlie bit my finger,” the most viewed video in the website’s history and is set to be removed from YouTube, according to a website set up by the Davies-Carr fam. The video paused on YouTube as of Sunday morning.

“Tender to own the soon-to-be-deleted YouTube sensation, Charlie Bit My Finger, leaving you as the sole owner of this lovely piece of internet history (while even getting the prospect to say Charlie bit your finger if you wanna see what all the hype is about),” the website states.

Harry, now 17, told Insider via mail on Friday that the family is operating with Original Protocol – a digital marketplace for NFTs’ as they granted them a “personalized auction” that is devoted to the sale of their one NFT which was hosted on This is a move from the popular websites like Rarible and Foundation that other viral creators have used. On the website, the family also wrote that the winner of the auction will get to shoot their version of the parody with Harry and Charlie, who is now 15.

While NFTs may not be all they are banged up to be, that has not held iconic companies like Atari from taking in on them. Despite the harm they created, NFTs are the current digital market trend as seen by this push and may stay that way for some time.

Stay tuned!

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