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Doctor Strange Writer Reveals Why Original Director Left Multiverse: Shocking!

Doctor Strange Writer Reveals Why Original Director Left Multiverse: Shocking!

C Robert Cargill who was one of the two script-writers for the first movie of Doctor Strange has shed light on the departure of Scott Dickerson from the second movie of Doctor Strange.

The statement was made to CinemaBlend during an interview about Cargill’s newest book ” Day Zero” which was published on 18th May 2021. The co-author recently said that Dickerson had a fall-out with Marvel because their ideas did not coincide with each other. Doctor Strange 2 was then handed over to Sam Raima who is responsible for the script of this upcoming movie. Marvel is also planning several new movies for the coming years.

Scott Dickerson is said to have faced problems with Marvel while deciding on a the script for Doctor Starnge 2. As described by Cargill, the two parties has very different views on how the film must be created.

Scott was uneasy about the changes that Marvel wanted in the film and the two parties failed to arrive at a amicable ans acceptable decision. Scott then finally decided to step down from the position of the script wrtiter in 2020 because he did not want to compromise on his ideas. The place was then offered to Sam Raima who has also been approved by Dickerson.

Sam Raini is currently still working in that position. Scott Dickerson and C Robert Cargill are currently jointly working on the film “The Black Phone”. According to reports, the step down was done amicably and there is no bad blood between the two parties. Dickerson simply preferred to work on a movie that would be made according to his vision and perception. 

The first Doctor Strange movie was released in 2016 and had a 7.5 rating on IMDB. The character of Doctor Strange was played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Other supporting actors were Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The sequel is set to come out about 6 yeara after the release of the first one. The first movie had received a good reception and a number of positive reviews. The character of Doctor Strange was also seen in the last two movies the The Avengers. It remains to see what the sequel of the new Doctor Strange movie will fare under a new script writer.

Marvel has already set a release date for Doctor Strange 2. The film is hoped to hit the theaters on 25th of March in the coming year. Amidst the pandemic and the reinforcement of the lockdown and covid protocols, the release is still a little unsure. Marvel fans will be expecting the release of the movie if the covid restrictions ease and the movie theaters open up again this year.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally concluded its highly popular film series “The Avengers” in 2019. Since then, the franchise has been involved in creating movies for the individual  characters and have a number of plans for new releases. Besides Doctor Strange 2, the franchise has planned to make a movie on Loki and other minor characters who were a part of The Avengers movie series.

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