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The most iconic moments from the FRIENDS Reunion 

The most iconic moments from the FRIENDS Reunion 

May 27th, 2021 was an epic date in the history of FRIENDS lover for obvious reasons, the FRIENDS reunion. It streaming on HBO Max and ZEE 5 (in India) made billions of people go through the same emotion at once. Sobbing and laughing did not stop for 1 hour 40 minutes straight. Hugs began one after the other and tears started flowing from our eyes as if we were hugging them in person. 

Oh, what a vibe! Out of the entire episode, here are some of the most iconic moments that made us all do ‘wapaahh’! 

Lady Gaga joining the Central Perk (read: Phoebe’s master place) to sing smelly cat

Yes, Lisa and Lady Gaga sang the iconic smelly cat and it was a sight to behold. Phoebe enjoyed it but classic her thinks it was better when done by herself alone. Umm, we like it both ways. 

Justin Bieber dressed as a doodie for Halloween Reunion, oops, we mean a Sputnik

We don’t think Chandler will ever make fun of Ross now. This brings Chandler back to Zone 1 for being the funniest dressed for Halloween. And David’s reaction to Justin’s walk was classic Ross when he used to get happy. 

Jack and Judy Geller in their OG form and ‘voice’ spilling beans and blessing making the cast go “aww”

If you are a true FRIENDS lover, this moment would have made you go ‘OHHH’ at the first and then sob a bit, get teary-eyed, and love the Gellers. 

Jen and David revealing their actual love for each other and pouring all of it into Ross and Rachel. Oh, and also their cutesy table hug while re-enacting the ‘first kiss scene’. 

What a professional cast! Well, this would have made you love Ross and Rachel more again. 

Paul Rudd was there too! Yes, did you miss Lisa (not Phoebe) getting her kicks as an ant-man came near her? Was it Lisa or Phoebe?

You must have got the pun! If not, you don’t love Mike. And what was that reaction Lisa gave to that bug? We all got a glimpse of Phoebe right there. 

Joey doing his famous lunges that he did only once in ten years. Could he be any goofier?

Undoubtedly, all the fashion participants were killer but Joey took the scoop with him. Well, he gave a major treat that we deserved as loyal FRIENDS fan. 

Schwimmer being iconic Ross while describing how much he hated Marcel and Matthew being iconic Chandler and killing Ross’s sentences with epic sarcastic one-liners. 

Do you remember Chandler’s famous lines to Ross that goes like ‘what did the police say’ or ‘was that place, the sun’? He did it again to mock David by saying ‘I would want you to be more serious about it’ when he was actually serious about Marcel. 

What a satisfying end to what we all collectively were looking for! They were actually there for each other and all of us. Also, where do you think they had their last coffee 17 years ago? 

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