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Several Cinemas Announce Mask-Free Policies For Vaccinated People

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The time has finally come for people to go back to the theaters and enjoy a good movie completely mask-free. Yes, several theatre companies have now announced that they will allow mask-free guests to watch movies following the new CDC guidelines.

Their only condition is that the guests should be vaccinated. This may lead to the boom of business as people will be able to enjoy theatres without the discomfort of masks. The entertainment industry will finally get back to normal with new film releases. Normal covid protocols are still being followed by the theatres. 

However, the enforcement of these protocols have come into question. Upcoming movies like F9, Peter Rabbit 2, Black Widow, Escape Room 2, Still Water, and many more can be viewed maskless in these dimensions theatres. New releases are all set to hit the Cinemas as the industry slowly recovers from the losses suffered last year.

Cinematic, AMC, and Regal Cinemas have declared that they will let Vaccinated people have a pre-covid mask free experience in the theatres. The rules for the non-vaccinated remain what they were during the pandemic last year. However, guests are allowed to remove their mask or lower them while eating and drinking snacks.

This exception now calls to question what the theaters are actually trying to establish. This particular rule is a giant loophole for non-vaccinated people to remain mask-free during the entire movie by munching on snacks throughout the show. This can prove to be a big problem as so many people within a small air conditioned space can cause rapid spread of infection in case a guest carries the germ. Although the companies have said that they intend to follow other covid guidelines like reducing bookings and skipping seats, sanitisation, etc., this problem remains to be addressed by them.

On May 13th of this year, US President Joe Biden declared that vaccinated citizens will be allowed to travel mask-free.

The relaxation of covid rules for vaccinated people is made as an encouragement for others to follow their example and get their vaccines soon. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued these guidelines of allowing vaccinated people a pass to roam mask-free even in public places. The board has said that US citizens who have taken the vaccine for Covid-19 pose low chances of spreading the disease or getting infected. Hence, the decision has been made to scrape masks for vaccinated people. 

Last Year the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc in the world and the USA was one of the most infected countries that suffered heavily due to this disease. Businesses were closed and the entertainment industry suffered a great hit that caused them to remain shut for a very long time. With delayed movie releases and even canceled releases, the entertainment industry has seen some light of hope with the relaxation of covid rules and lockdown. Opening up of cinema halls and the recent mask-free advantage will definitely help the industry get back into full swing like pre-covid times.

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