How To Expand Borders in Stellaris?

how to expand borders on stellaris

Many gamers in Stellaris are confused when it comes to the topic of expanding borders. The problem is quite legit because the game does not have a clearly defined way to expand borders. The game has even gone as far as to change the rules of expansion from its first version. There is currently no clear cut or easy way to complete this task and players need to think hard before being able to figure out the strategies. However, there are some ways in which you can expand borders in the game.

Border expansion in Stellaris is really important because it can benefit players in many ways. Expanding borders will protect the planets that you may want to colonize. Having those new planets within your borders will give you the chance and freedom to colonize it whenever you want. It will be safe and secured in your territory. It also helps in processing through the game in a faster way. Often players would have to wait for a long time for their border to expand.  Now you can  follow some strategies and do it more easily than before.

The easiest way to expand borders is to increase your influence. When you increase your influence you will be able to open borders and expand your territory. You can be able to develop boundaries by building outposts as well. In order to build outposts, you have to select your construction ship and then set up an outpost. You can build these outposts on choke points of your enemy empires. This will cut them off from expanding and they will have to either choose war or treaty with your kingdom. There are several chokepoints in the map and you can use them to gain influence over target enemy empires. However, it must be noted that even chokepoints have limitations. If you continuously use up outposts on chokepoints the game will levy a penalty on your empire. The strategy of using outposts has to be planned and applied in a systematic way.

Another quite popular and well-known way to increase borders is to go on conquests. Players will be able to exterminate or go on conquest to enemy kingdoms for their territories. However,  players may or may not be able to gain complete power over all the territories of the enemy they have defeated. Some territories can be obtained through conquests. This control of territories is completely decided by the war philosophies of the kingdoms. Unrestricted philosophy means you can claim any system except the ones that belong to members of the federation. If you don’t want to use claims management to remember your conquered territories,  you can simply go on conquests to empires which have unrestricted war philosophies.  This will help you immensely expand your empire while gaining fleet and influence. 

Some other strategies like Feudal Park and Vassals can be used to expand borders. However, there are risk factors as they may not be profitable or successful all the time. In order to play strategically you need to expand via outposts and conquests. However, it is not always advisable to rush into conquests as early as possible. There will be problems of expansion through conquests which new players will not be able to tackle. Hence, new players can concentrate on peaceful kingdom expansion instead of conquests. It must be noted that conquest expansion will cost less influence than peaceful ones.

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