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Jay-Z Shares His Experience of Fatherhood And Gives Valuable Insight

Jay-Z Shares His Experience of Fatherhood And Gives Valuable Insight

Jay-Z has recently shared his experience of becoming a father after the birth of his oldest daughter Ella. The singer and celebrity shared that he had even learned to swim so that he could save his child from drowning.

The couple Jay-Z and Beyonce have a very strong relationship and already have 3 children together. Being parents has definitely changed them and proved that parenthood is a blessing for everyone. He also reveals his thoughts behind parenting children and advises parents to make sure their children feel love and understood by them.

Their dedication towards each other and their three children are admired by their fans and serve as inspirations for them.

Jay-Z had shared his profound experiences of parenthood with LeBron James and his audience on an episode of “The Shop: Uninterrupted” show. In the latest episode of the show, Jay-Z has been invited as a guest speaker. The singer then revealed that he had become more grounded and responsible after his first child was born.

He said that he has even learnt to swim for the first time just before Ella was born. He was scared that his inability to swim may cause him problems down the line if his children ever get into an accident. Jay-Z said that he could not imagine being a helpless spectator while his child was in danger. The recent addition of the twins to their family provided him with further experience and he shares it all on this public TV show. 

Jay-Z also had some serious advice for all parents. He asserted that children need to be given unconditional love by their parents. It is not necessary that the child has to succeed in the field their parents had succeeded in.

He does not believe in pressuring and punishing a kid in order to get them to follow the career path that their parents choose for them. Love and care are enough to make them successful as they know their parents will support them. He emphasized that parents need to act like guides instead of dictators so that their kids can be successful in life.

A happy and loved child will be able to accomplish the impossible. Jay-Z himself follows this advice and concentrates on what his kids like to be and whether they feel loved and cared for. 

It is generally accepted that celebrities rarely spend time with their children and depend on nannies and sitters to take care of their kids. However, popular stars like Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Cardi B, etc. have proved that celebrities can balance both family and career without compromising on anything.

Both Beyonce and Jay-Z are extremely dedicated parents and spend ample time with their kids. The couple is extremely protective of their children and do not like to constantly expose them to the media. Their kids Ella is now 9 years old and is already going to School. The twins Rumi and Sir are currently years old. The couple with their good parenting skills have become one of the strongest Hollywood families in the USA.

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