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Final Fantasy’s Best Villain Isn’t Sephiroth: SHOCKING!

Final Fantasys - Best Villain Isnt Sephiroth

Sephiroth is considered one of Final Fantasy’s best villains, but apparently there’s someone new which threatens Sephiroth’s position at the top. It’s the Shadowbringer!

The best villain in Final Fantasy can be hard to guess and decide. There are so many good options.

FF7 and Remake’s Sephiroth is among the most popular villains and also called a ‘baddie’ by fans. People have started to think that her story after all is not quite impressive after the introduction of  Shadowbringer! He possibly can take the crown away from Sephiroth!

Final Fantasy has a number of famous villains in the JRPG franchise. Characters such as Kefka and Sephiroth are the top of a lot of bad guys due to their huge power and impact on the memories of gamers. These characters are great but another villain can join them and possibly completely take over them.

The one who threatens all their position is obviously, the Shadowbringer. His name is Emet Selch and his fighting skills, power are arguably the best in the series.

When talking about a bigger picture, we get to know that Emet is the one who does not have a character of pure evil. It’s rather surprising to see how well evolved the character is turning out to be!


Every conflict is brought back to Emet-Selch from the opening scene of the Shadowbringers to the close of the game. The immortal reamer doesn’t worry about waiting for his plans to be fulfilled thousands of years. Selch is a part of the Astians. Which apparently is the rest of the race before the planet was shattered into thirteen separate universes.

This group seeks to join the world’s shards with the goal of reviving their god and returning their people to life. To achieve his objective, Emet-Selch takes a very different approach. Rather than facing the Scions, the group that seeks to stop their rejoining, he goes with them to learn what they have the power to do and if they’re worthy of being a successor.

Emet-Selch emerges on this journey. The Warrior of Light starts to learn about the unfortunate luck of Ascians. Through several iconic moments in Final Fantasy XIV, the player discovers that Emet-Selch is only committed to starting The Rejoining to meet his dead friends and loved ones.

As far as gameplay is concerned, the final fight with Selch is really an eye to look at. Given the Hades mantle, players undergo a multi-stage FFXIV trial that takes them to a dead end. Many mechanical stacking and positioning skills make the fighting mobile, and the climax of the fight ends with a shocking end which we would like you to experience yourself!

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