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A ‘Quiet Place’: Memorial Day Weekend Box Office Soars Past $100 Million

A ‘Quiet Place’ No More: Memorial Day Weekend Box Office Soars Past $100 Million

Box office collection saw a record collection over the Memorial Weekend as viewers storm the movie theaters. It comes as an excellent news for the theatre owners as well as Hollywood who has been suffering on the hands of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This Memorial Day weekend brought in nearly $100 million, the biggest gross collection over a weekend since the start of lockdown in March, says Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst from Comscore.

The previous year had been a source of unrest and loss for the theatre owners as well as the Hollywood industry as they severely lacked viewers who either unable to go to watch due to the lockdown restrictions or were unwilling to risk going out. After suffering through the bad headlines and even worse forecasts the owners finally saw a ray of hope in the form of this Memorial Weekend.

This special weekend has always been the source of revenue for all the parties involved. It is one of the biggest summer movie season that witnesses the release of the most intriguing and the largest budgeted movies. Creators take a huge chance over this weekend in the hope that in gruelling summer and heat people would look for a source of entertainment outside of their house. And what is better than an evening of hard hitting movie in an air conditioned center.

Though this calculated risk and hope for grossing maximum revenue was severely hashed last year when the Memorial Weekend drew in a measly $1 million. The pandemic that was at its peak during the time was held responsible for this loss.

But this time the picture was completely different. The new releases Disney’s “Cruella” and “A Quiet Place Part II” definitely brought back the roll and acted as an end to the dry spell that has gripped the industry. Both the movies were assets of their production houses- Disney and Paramount respectively. They had played a huge gamble with the release but they were not disappointed.

“A Quiet Place Part II” was the dominating movie of the weekend with earning a projected $57 million over the whole four-day holiday frame. It earned around $47 million in the initial three day itself. The movie premiered at a time where huge cities like New York is finally opening up its theatres for market. Cruella although not as successful as its release counterpart it has managed to leave its mark on the box office. The live-action redo of the Disney Classic that portrays Emma Stone in its lead role has managed to accumulate $27 million over four days and $22 million over the traditional three-day frame.

Although these numbers remain far behind those before the pandemic it is still a source of joy for the owners, producers and creators. The experts see it as a sign of eventual growth for the industry who would slowly start drawing in more viewers as the fear of the pandemic goes down and some big multi starrer movie hits the cinema.

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