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‘Carnaval’ Review: Netflix Sends an Influencer South of the Border in Brazilian ‘Girls Trip’

‘Carnaval’ Review: Netflix Sends an Influencer South of the Border in Brazilian ‘Girls Trip’

Netflix recently released Carnaval as a romantic comedy about influencer life. The film is a sweet comedy with a happily ever after but the plot at times becomes questionable and the characters lack depth. The plot explores the negative aspects of the influencer life that often goes unnoticed by the general public. The film is good enough for some light entertainment. 

The new Netflix special film Carnaval is a light-hearted musical comedy that explores the story of an aspiring influencer. The plot is based on the problems of influencers and how relationships are affected by their profession.

The story is about a wannabe influencer Nina who faces several challenges when on the path to win fame and followers. The 23-year-old has to face a tough breakup and its aftermath which branded her as a “Crossfit Cuckold” by the followers. The poor heartbroken woman tries to redeem her soiled image and repair her shattered heart by joining her friends on an exciting trip to Brazil for a lucrative career opportunity.

The trip is made after a lot of negotiation and convincing done by Nina but due to her low follower count, they are considered insignificant by the others. Nina is however certain that by the end of this amazing journey she would be able to achieve 1 million followers and increase her engagement on social media.

The girls are given inferior accommodations and treated as less by fellow influencers. Nina’s friendships with her close girlfriends are also threatened when she keeps ditching them in favour of influencers with a big following. However, the film does arrive at a-happily-ever after when the fog is lifted from Nina. 

The movie is a good choice for some light-hearted romance and adventure. The plot can showcase some of the common problems that come with a mostly public life that influencers follow. The problem of having personal romantic relationships out in the public causes the outside audience to pass judgements on the very personal developments and conflicts in an influencer’s life.

Nina’s journey shows how guided fame and a shiny follower count can cause major problems and affect interpersonal relationships. Jealousy, envy, hunger for fame, often overwhelm people and cause rifts between friends and family. It is through careful balancing that the influencer life can be less dramatic and stressful. The beautiful setting in Brazil ensures the audience has a small escape from the confinement of their homes into the world of colour and festival.

The film though explores superficial themes and problems provides a much-needed respite from the mundane life that the lockdown has imposed on people.

The Netflix special movie was released on 2of of June this year. The cast of the movie include Giovana Cordeiro, Gkay, Bruna Inocencio, Samya Pascotto, Flavia Pavanelli, Micael Borges, Jean Pedro, Rafael, Medrado, Nikolas Antunes, Stella Miranda. The film is available only on Netflix and can be watched on the platform. The movie is directed by Leandro Neri in production with Camisa Listrada. The original writers of the show include Leandro Neri, Audemir Lezinger, Luísa Mascarenhas.

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