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David O. Russell Movie To Cast Taylor Swift In New Movie

David O. Russell Movie To Cast Taylor Swift In New Movie

A team member from David O. Russell’s new film has confirmed that the American country singer Taylor Swift will be in the casts of his upcoming film. Not much information has been released about the film yet but the A-list cast has already created a buzz among movie buffs.

The cast already has top names like Christan Bale, Margaret Robbie, and Rami Malek. The release date for the film has also not been confirmed by the team.

After several rumours, a team member of the film by David O. Russell has told sources that Taylor Swift will be a cast member for the new film that is in the making.

The news has created a buzz of excitement as the cast already has several prominent names on the list. The member has confirmed to Collided that the 31-year-old singer will be featuring in the film. Her role in the film has not been revealed by the sources and it was quite expected as no one knows for sure what the movie is about.

The news comes after Deuxmoi had speculated and said that Taylor Swift may be included in this mystery film. The rumours were not confirmed until recently. However, this will not be the first time Taylor Swift has been seen in the film industry. She has previously been in various films like Valentine’s Day, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions, Miss Americana, The Giver and so on. 

The information about the cast has generated hype among the audience because of the way the cast is arranged. The cast already has various prominent names from the film industry like Christian Bale, Rami Malek, Margaret Robbie, Robert De Niro, Mike Myers,Andrea Riseborough, Matthias Schoenaert, and many more.

Christian Bale is a very popular actor who is known worldwide for his acting in Batman: The Dark Knight. Robert De Niro is an actor, producer and director who has won the hearts of millions for his legendary films like The Godfather II, The Irishman, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver and so on. He has bagged multiple awards like Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Margot Robbie and Rami Malik are also quite popular in the film industry and are loved by the audience for their outstanding performances. No wonder the audiences can’t wait to get more insight on the film.

Taylor Swift is out and about winning one award after another and becoming more successful every day. The singer and musician have received several consecutive awards and recently from iHeartRadio for her new album Folklore.

She has won 11 Grammy Awards and become the 3 Album of the Year wins which places her on top of the list for that category. She has also received other prestigious awards like Emmy Awards and Billboard Music Awards. Her work also has 35 Guinness Book of World Records and has been a part of the 2020 version of  500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stones. With this brand new role in a movie with an A-list cast, her fans are ready to see her play some big roles in the Hollywood film industry. 

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