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‘The Medium’ brings back the chills of Shamanism with the new trailer

‘The Medium’ brings back the chills of Shamanism with the new trailer.

Modern-day Korea and Thailand still swim in the fascination of Shamanism, the religious practice of going into a trance to connect and talk to spirits. The faintly chilly and somewhat creepy tradition is depicted beautifully in the newly launched trailer of ‘The Medium.’ The film is set to release commercially in July and is in line for a significant screening berth in the upcoming movie festivals.

The first trailer for the movie that came out on Tuesday has left no stones unturned with its excellent direction, chilling moments and heart-stopping scenes. The Korean distributor Showbox is gearing up for a massive release, with the amount of reception received by the trailer itself. The movie that comes out at the peak months of July and august would be against viewers in anticipation of a good plotline with drama and action. And ‘The Medium’ promises to live up to the expectations with a trailer that will give on-screen chills to make up for the summer heat.

The RangZong, aka rural horror-thriller, is the story of how a Shaman came into his inheritance in the impoverished Isan region of Thailand. It shows how the goddess that seems to have taken possession of a family member turns out to be not as benevolent as she first appears to be.  

The movie comes from the King of Thrillers and Thai horror Banjong Pisanthanakun, who is known for reviving the once dead genres. The genre that was rejuvenated by him nearly two decades ago with his debut film ‘Shutter’ from 2004 is now an all-time favourite amongst the audience who sit in wait for all his new releases.

The movie starring Amanda Everingham and co-directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom was a huge commercial success which was then subsequently remade in several languages, including English, Tamil and Hindi. His rural set comedy-horror ‘Pee-mak’ topped the All-time box office of Thailand by generating more than 10 million admissions back in 2013.

This Thai movie has brought together the legends of directors and producers. Banjong is joined by Na Hong-Jin, a director turned producer who is known for his film ‘The Chaser.’ His stylish ultra-violence is a thing of familiarity amongst the late-night audience of Cannes. Every single one of his directorial feature films has appeared in this movie festival, including ‘The Yellow Sea’ and ‘The Wailing’ along with the title as mentioned earlier.

The movie was backed by the Korean studio Showbox was developed by Na. Thailand’s GDH 559 is handling the local production. GDH is held as one of the most successful film production companies that previously launched the hit movie ‘Bad Genius’ and its spin-off that was projected on television. Co-production of the cinema is undertaken by Na’s company Northern Cross, featuring Na’s debut as a producer. The International rights of the movie are being handled by independent sales firm Finecut, which will launch the film at Berlin’s European Film Market.

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