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Get To Know Ronald Reagan’s Son And His Net Worth

Get To Know Ronald Reagan's Son And His Net Worth

Did you know that Ronald Reagan has a son who shares the same name as him? Reagan’s son is actually pretty accomplished and has achieved a considerable amount of success in his life. He has been a part of several films and tv shows which has significantly contributed to his net worth and built up his public image not only as President Reagan’s son but also as Ronald Reagan the individual. Read to know more about his life and how much his net worth is this year.

What Was Ronald Reagan’s Life Growing Up Like?

Ronald Prescott Reagan was born on May 20th in 1985. The now 63-years-old icon is the son of the 40th president of America, the late President Ronald Reagan. He was born to President Reagan and his second wife Nancy Davis Reagan in California. He is the youngest of his siblings with one elder half-brother, one elder sister, and two deceased half-sisters.

He was born and brought up in Los Angeles barring the time they moved to Sacramento during President Reagan time as a governor. Ron, as liked to be called, has an independent mindset that sets him aside from his family.

At the mere age of 12, he declared that he is an atheist and refused to attend church along with his family. Ron had a difficult academic life and his unique mindset had caused him some problems in school.

He was expelled from The Webb School of California because the administration had concerns he was influencing the other students in a bad way.

Ron was expelled from the school but he said that him being a bad example was an exaggerated claim. The school has reportedly expelled him because he attended a dance recital in a girls’ school. The excuse was flimsy and even Ron agreed that the school was just looking for an excuse to dispose of him.

He was accepted into Yale University but later decided to drop out to pursue a career of his choice. Ron was a passionate dancer and wanted to have a career in ballet. After leaving Yale in favour of dancing, Ron joined Joffrey Ballet which is a prominent dance institution in Chicago. He was reported to be a skilled dancer.

His parents did not attend his dance recitals which shows that they were perhaps not interested and did not approve of this career choice. However, they did attend his performance in the Lisner Auditorium which was held in 1981. President Reagan has remarked that even he thought Ron was an amazing dancer.

Ron Reagan went on to become an anchor and commentator after his success in his dance career. He had first appeared as a host in 1986 for the show Saturday Night Live. In 1986, he also revealed that his views align with the liberals which are completely different from his father’s. He started The Ron Reagan Show in 1991 but had to take a break because it was unable to have a high number of viewers. He then went on to become a popular anchor and commentator for various shows like Animal Planet, Record Breakers, Connected: Coast To Coast and so on. He has written a memoir titled “My Father at 100: A Memoir” which was published in 2011.

Ron Reagan has been married two times. His first wife was Doria Palmieri and 4 years after her demise, he married his second wife Federica Basagni. He has no children with either of his wives. Currently, his net worth stands at $12 million which is not only made with his father’s assets but also with his own achievements in life.

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