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Julie Pitt Neal Net Worth | Brad Pitt’s Sister’s Age, Height, Instagram, Girlfriend, Kids, Bio

Julie Pitt Neal, how much is the Pitt sibling worth?

Despite being connected to Brad Pitt, a world-famous celebrity, the youngest Pitt sibling stays out of the spotlights with a rare picture of her doing anything is captured by the Paparazzi. She is a typical soccer mom in her 50s that stays out of trouble and looks after her children. She is often spotted around, taking a walk with her husband, enjoying a regular day out with no fanfare or preparation. She dresses and without heed to what the media might potentially think of her.

Name Julie Pitt Neal
Birthday 1969
Age 51 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Assistant set decorator
Parents Jane Etta Pitt, William Alvin Pitt
Siblings Brad Pitt, Doug Pitt
Married/Single Married
Husband Rob Neal
Children Cruz Neal, Rylie Neal, Josie Neal, Caden Neal, Caleb Neal
Education Rosary Priory High School

What do we know about her?

With her private life out of the media attention, the information about what potentially might be happening is rarely available. She keeps her life under wraps and does not even socially interact with her celebrity sibling, and always avoids posting about his photos on her social media. Her two lives are entirely separated. She is well aware that the brad’s fans would storm her physically and socially to squeeze any gossip they can get out of her. So that mainly means only posting photos of her family members, excluding Brad even if it was evident that he was there. 

One such event was the birthday of their mother. It was a significant event celebrated with great pomp, and all Pitt siblings attended it; however, the photos posted by her only featured her and her mother.


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The valuable information available about her is mainly related to her profession and career rather than her husband and children. She shares pretty few things with her sibling. Brad Pitt is known for his large family, having six children with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie; she too is a mom of five children. She has three biological children – twin daughters Rylie and Josie, both 18, and son Caleb, 21.

Just like her brother, she too has adopted two of her children. Her two boys are from Ethiopia.


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She has also opened up about raising non-biological children and that too for those of colour. She points out the disparity her children had to face just because of their skin colour and ethnicity. She expressed her horror over the constant discrimination the kids must go through and fear when they go out without her thinking about what might happen to them in a racially discriminatory place.


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She is a devoted Christian who spend a good amount of her time doing charity. She is the director of charity I Pour Life and helps run a plan called 10×10 in the frantically helpless town of Korah, which is presently helping ten ladies living with illnesses including HIV and uncleanliness gain proficiency with an exchange they can uphold themselves. The charity also extends help in El Salvador, in Central America, and runs self-help programmes in her hometown, putting the finishing touches on its new headquarters.

She also has extended help to the city of Ethiopia, where her adopted child Cruz was conceived. She raised $200,000 for the foundation Digg deep that helped dig and assemble a well in the Ethiopian town of Chuko Wayama.

Her net worth

Despite keeping low, professionally, Julie is a producer. She is an Assistant set decorator at Universal Pictures, which means that she owns quite an amount of money. She has an estimated net worth of 2 million USD.

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