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Peter North Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio

Peter North Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio

Peter North is a famous Canadian actor, director and producer who is known better for his alias Matt Ramsey. The actor was born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on May 11, 1957. He moved to California during 1980s to try his hand at acting or anything Hollywood. Although the hopeful born as Alden Joseph Brown changed to Peter North could not be signed as an actor in movies or series, he did manage to secure a job in NSFW industry. 

He eventually made his name in the straight movies. His success can be judged by the sheer number of film credits he has to his name. Owner of over two thousand credits of these films, he is the hotshot of the industry. Between his active years of 1998 and 2007 he had been recognised for his good looks and sculptured flesh. He soon made his directorial debut after getting into industry. His two films “Anal Addicts” and “North Pole” have been accredited as the best ones out of his entire career.  

He lives in the country of Orange. The real reason of him taking this up as his every day job could be traced back to his past when he was plunged into a debt of thousands of dollars. Since then he has shared screen with other well-known actress like Trinity Loren, Rebecca Wild, Victoria Paris, and Traci Lords.

His personal life

Peter North till recently a married man. In 2014, he got married to Nadia North, a fellow media acquaintance. After 5 years of marriage bliss it all came crashing down when his wife accused him of domestic abuse. The information came from Peter’s house that he was responsible for years of domestic violence against his wife. In retaliation Nadia demanded a restrictive order against him. She later in interview admitted that this was not a one-time thing and that she had suffering abuse for quite some time. She told that domestic abuse was a part of their daily married life.

He was detained against these accusations on 15 July 2019. Although he was later released this has managed to mar his reputation profoundly. North was part of a federal investigation into the use of underage actress Traci Lords in several erotic movies.

North sponsors a New York hockey team called the “Peter North Stars” and is a three-time F.O.X.E. Male Fan Favourite Award winner.

His Net worth

No particular information regarding the money he earned from his specific movies and films. Earning against each film is not public but a speculation about his estimated salary is around $1 million. Forecasts suggest that his earnnings is around February 2021 is set to hit $14 million. All his money can be attributed to his direction of the films although his other sources bring in pretty penny too. He is an author of a book too that has money flowing in as well. Other than that, he is the owner of a production house that has several films under its belt.  

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