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‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ not to be renewed for the second season. The reason and the future!

‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ not to be renewed for the second season. The reason and the future.

Jupiter’s legacy proved to be ‘that’ movie for Netflix. The American superhero drama series, which hit the Netflix screens back on May 7, 2021, has officially been cancelled for the second season. The big-budgeted series, which could have been the next big thing on the cinematic universe, was just up and dropped for some lame excuses and weird reasons, which had the viewers just tilting their heads and going about what just happened. The series can never be a flop in terms of number. It topped the weekly Nielsen lists among original shows, a massive achievement for a newly released cinematic universe that no one wanted. At all. But they got it.

In the times when everyone’s eyes in only on Marvel and DC, releasing a new series with a new universe might not have been the best move on the part of Netflix. But it was not just decisions made after the release but all of them that led up to the release. Fifteen years of Hero movie failures in Hollywood weres, not enough reasons for Netflix to have thought about before thinking about making such a series. It turns out apparently not, and here we are. 

So, what happened to season 2?

The series had been recently launched, and immediately we got statements that the series would be renewed for the second season. This was supposed to be evident because none of the things that happened in the seven episodes of the series could be remotely deemed completed.

We even got a statement from Mark Millar about the future of Millarworld. He said:Next year there will be Jupiter season two. There will be The Magic Order, a horror show, and a big spy project.” This implied that season 2 would be released. Either that or the production of the series would start next year. One way or the other, it meant that there would be season 2 to complete the series. And maybe further ones too. But it apparently turns out it is not the case.

Miller was very excited on the days leading up to the release. He said he wasn’t too cocky about the release and didn’t want to assume the audience’s reaction. However, they were hopeful about the release and that they were very confident about the actions and graphics and knew that it would draw in an audience.

Yeah, that did not work out.

 Instead, what was released was a carefully worded message from Nellie Andreeva to Deadline. She said that Jupiter’s Legacy will not continue as an ongoing series.” According to her, even the high-profile cast is being let go. They are free to pursue any other project they want, what with the series probably being cancelled or postponed for the unforeseeable future. And the chances of such hot shots of the industry meeting again seems highly unlikely and probably not going to happen anytime soon.

What is the catch?

A series in which Netflix spent around $200 million would be a significant pain for them to just let it go. They are trying to rely on the hope that the series might have generated some fans who would look forward to some movies or series in this universe. So instead of season 2, we are getting an entire Millarworld Cinematic Universe. And no, we are not joking.

Netflix is desperately trying to squeeze in some amount of money from the universe. And instead of gambling on another season, they are just letting it go and leaving the entire plot hanging for the audience. Not their most intelligent move.

What all dreams did Netflix crush?

Even though the series was a little underwhelming with the entire focus on the backstories and origin stories, the show had people watching it. It did top the charts for a whole of three days, and the fans of the comic series loomed in, excited to see the big-budgeted series with its intense graphics and stars that add more to the already fantastic characters.

The first season barely managed to give us any real scoop about the kids. Instead, the founding members of The Union took precedence on the screen. The series does not follow the comic word to word but instead takes on minor liberties on its own, but mostly it remains the same.

With major revelations of season 1, season 2 was supposed to act as a complete arc. Brainwave was the real reason behind the major world problems. He was behind the cloning of Blackstar. He killed his daughter to achieve his ambition. Kids’ role was supposed to increase dramatically, and people who were in for the younger generation did look forward to the new season.

Hopefully, we do get some movies that fill out the plot left by season 1. 

Why did such a series flop?

One self-evident reason was the high-end budget on the very first film. We don’t know whether they were counting on the fans of the comics to watch it or people who wanted a new universe, whatever might be the reason it flopped. When Hollywood teaches you not to spend vast amounts of money on the first part of a series or movie, let the fanbase pick it up and take it forward; you need to take it to the heart.

Unless you are Netflix, and you don’t take that advice and end up with what happened with Jupiter’s legacy. The series could have been meticulously planned out with less budget, maybe or maybe not with the same cast but definitely with more episodes giving more information.

Netflix relied way too much on the future that they forgot to make the present better. As a result, even big franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight started with low budgets, and when they eventually grew a fanbase that wanted to watch them, they upped their funding and gave their fans what they desired.

MCU and DC know this game very well. Whenever they introduce new characters, they let them adjust themselves with the other superheroes. They create a small niche for the character in the movies of different characters, take it to heart, and when they get the response, they desire to release an independent film. This method has worked very well for them over the years.

More episodes might have saved the series too. Giving out more information and concealing some right within it would have ensured that the audience stayed. Or the secrets could have led to discussions that could draw in more viewers. But so much money was spent on the series looking prettier that we were left with nothing.

So for the future, we are just left with the promise of a new universe and the hope that we get an end.

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