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BTS Member RN Releases “Bicycle”; Fans Are in Love!

BTS Member RN Releases Bicycle; Fans Are in Love!

The Korean singer RN who is a part of the Korean boy-band BTS has recently released his new single ” Bicycle”. The song has its lyrics mostly in Korean with a few English sentences. However, this has not deterred fans from looking up the translated versions of the song to enjoy its meaning along with its tune. Fans have already fallen in love with the new song and have claimed to be listening to it on loop. The other members of BTS have come forward on Twitter to show their support and have praised the song for its aesthetic. More about the singer and the song along with English translations are given below. 

Who is RN?

RN is a famous Korean singer who is recognised by people around the world. He is popular for being a part of the world-famous music band BTS which is also based in Korea. His full name is Kim Nam-Joon but prefers the stage name RN. He was born on September 12, 1994, in Seoul, Korea.

The 26-year-old singer took great interest in the music world since his early teen years. He became a fan of American hip-hop music. He has even met Eminem while still in school. RN began writing lyrics and performing in concerts in 2008. He was also a top scorer in school with an IQ of 148. Despite protests from his parents, RN joined the music industry to make a career as a singer and songwriter. He had released several single and mixtapes in school and developed a name as a Korean hip-hop artist.

In 2010, Big Hit Entertainment and Big Hit CEO Bang Si-hyuk decided to sign with RN and started talks on creating a Korean hip-hop group. This group became the world-famous band BTS. RN actually started working for BTS in 2013 before which he released several singles. He still continues to be a part of BTS but has collaborated with other artists. He has received various awards and nominations. One of his top wins are the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea in 2018. His ever-growing popularity has made him one of the most successful K-pop artists of all time.

What do we know about the song “Bicycle”?

RN had released his last independent work in 2018. The album ‘Mono’ was released in 2018 and was the second album he has ever made. The song ” Bicycle” was released on Sunday, 6th of June this year. There was no prior announcement made for the release of the song. Fans were quite surprised and have reacted well to the drop.

The song was released on Youtube and has received more than 5.5 million views till now. RM’s new song Bicycle was co-produced and co-written with the music artist John Eun. RM had previously worked with John Eun in the song Hope where RN supplied background vocals. The duo has then created this new song and has won the hearts of the audience. The song has been inspired by RN’s love for bicycle rides and it was during one such ride that the song came to his mind. He has been forming this song earlier this year in February-March as revealed by the artist. The upcoming 2021 FESTA of BTW had also helped him decide to release the song. 

What is the English translation of the song?

As the song is mostly written in Korean with only a few English phrases scattered here and there, it is difficult for non-Korean speaking fans to understand its lyrics. To solve this problem, RN has provided fans with a translated lyric so that they can enjoy its meaning while getting lost in the feeling that the song gives.

The English translation explains that the singer is taking a bicycle ride and is exploring his surroundings. He then notes the things he comes across and reveals that he feels free and peaceful. The singer feels that a nice cosy bicycle ride will help you cheer up and end any sadness that is lurking inside. The song paints a beautiful picture of a summer evening and the lyrics match the feelings that this picture makes us feel.

Now that the translation is available online, you can listen to the song and understand its meaning without having to look up the dictionary or google translate.

What are the BTS and Fan Reactions to the song?

The song was released less than 48 hours ago and has already managed to wow fans and audiences. Audiences have been vibing to the song due to its summer aesthetics and soothing tune. Fans all love the world have expressed their love for the song and claimed that they can’t stop listening to it. Members of BTS have also expressed their love for the songs and along with supporting their fellow friend RN. The YouTube video of the song that features RN has already acquired more than 5.5 million views. The singer has been overwhelmed by the response and thanked his viewers for all the love and support.

More On BTS

BTS has its popularity growing with every passing day. The band, also called the Bangtan Boys, has seven members. The members are are Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The boy band has already won millions of fans who are obsessed with their songs. The band has received many awards and nominations for their music and performances. Recently, the band has been getting invites to several Hollywood award shows and programs as guests. They have already made their appearance at the 63rd Grammys that was hosted this year.

They have won multiple Billboards Awards, American Music Awards, and MTV Music Awards along with several others in Asia. They have broken 26 Guinness Records so far and continue to increase their influence in the music industry. The band has become a domestic name in almost every country and has achieved great success in the K-pop world.

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