Why Did LMFAO Breakup, Is It True Or Is It Just A Rumor?

Why Did LMFAO Breakup, Is It True Or Is It Just A Hiatus?

LMFAO was the most influential electronic team to feature in a big party in 2011, consisting of the uncle-nephew duo Redfoo and SkyBlu. No festival went on their records without hitting “Sexy and I Know It.” In fact, they were quite strong and paved the way for huge mainstream success. Toping the charts, the guys got millions of views of YouTube in their videos. But their final Sorry For Party Rocking title track, as a single, could not be maintained. The same level could not be kept. The track wasn’t the same as the first two individuals. Fans then speculated that might be why Redfoo and SkyBlu collapsed.

Well, for both LMFAO people, this is not true. The LMFAO breakup was never thought of by them. But, although they say that, they have been dividing a pause in 2012 for a long time. They both have their own reasons, and it means that there remains to be seen a breakdown. In all events, here we break out, for one or two reasons, the reason behind the LMFAO Hiatus.

With her album Sorry For Party Rocking, LMFAO had the success of its life. Till the album finished with its title track. However, during the Bridgestone half time show, the electronic duo remained strong and soon played with Madonna in Super Bowl XLVI. But after that, for one or two reasons, the couple decided to go indefinitely. If the one failed remains enveloped in its wrapping, but yes, we had the word from half an uncle’s uncle’s duo that speaks loudly with uncle Redfoo.

Redfoo discussed how the uncle-nephew grew and said that two completely different sets of people started hanging around. Two different crowds were present. So they had to choosing these crowds and creatively follow various paths. However, he admits at the end of the day that they’re always family regardless. He is the uncle of SkyBlu and will always be the nephew of Redfoo.

Redfoo also discussed how they’ve been making music for five to six years now. They were always looking for and exploring the naturalness. LMFAO’s music has always been the same. They would never force out the music. Redfoo talked later about how his solo career continues and how LMFAO-ish songs will continue to be released. Redfoo is enthusiastic about party music and he continues to do the same thing.

SkyBlu, half the duo’s nephew, does not think LMFAO broke down. It really does not. It’s only a break. SkyBlu on Twitter tweeted his feelings when he posted an article from MTV about their breakup. He says that apart from LMFAO, the uncle-nephew duo had several other projects. So they had to understand the importance of these various projects for their creative paths. He feels like this and both of them can free themselves before they embark on a new LMFAO project.

SkyBlu believes it has to be really large for the next LMFAO project. As individuals and experiences of different projects, the duo will be reformed. SkyBlu wants to show the world what it is like as a person, so it is stronger than ever before. When he talked about Redfoo, he expressed his love for his dear uncle and thanked him that he was there for all his life.

Thereafter both Redfoo and SkyBlu have their own individual releases and projects. Redfoo appeared on many TV shows such as Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Dannii Minogue, and the X Factor Australia. Then they will also perform on Dancing With The Stars and release two solo albums. In April, the SkyBlu released their first two singles: “Pop Bottles,” Mark Rosas and “Salud,” Reek Rude, Sensato, and Wilmer Valderrama, actor. The SkyBlu was first releasing two singles. Then his first 9-track album, Rebel Music, was released on July 4.

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