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Marvel’s Loki Episode 5 Ending Explained: What actually happened? Revealed.


Episode 5 of Loki probably gave us the biggest freak show ride so far out of all Marvel shows, so we are explaining its conclusion today. Three of its alters welcomed Loki into the void the penultimate episode of this series. Classic Loki tells the main Loki to hurry up or Alioth will eat the storm monster. Alioth is a powerful trans-time entity that feeds energy and substance in comics. Alioth was the only one in the comics to fear Kang the Conqueror. The 3 Loki alters – Classic Loki, Boastful Loki, and Kid Loki – are directing our Loki to a safe building. Meanwhile, our Loki makes every effort to cope with the nonsense of what is happening.

He stops and asks them frustratedly what’s happening. Then Classic Loki tells him to hold it since it attracts Alioth’s attention. The main Loki and the public learn that the alligator is a Loki as well. Loki then asks the alters to get out of that vacuum. The alters start laughing at the obvious stupid solution, as he suggests using a TemPad. In addition, Main Loki proposes the creation of a connection. As Classic Loki responds, however, TVA doesn’t care about the void and therefore it would be unimportant to create a connecting event. This Lokis group then goes to its underground bunker safehouse.

In the meantime, Ravonna stalls for some time back in the TVA by lying with Sylvie over a void craft to travel into that void. But Sylvie doesn’t buy it, and she steals Ravonna’s TemPad and snacks herself as the TVA guards arrive. The alter Lokis takes a breather back in the void. Boastful Loki boast of his history and claims to have all of himself defeated the Avengers. The gator Loki and the bold Loki have a little skirmish as others call him out in his storey. Classic Loki then told his storey, that he spent most of his days alone before he was pruned by TVA. It reveals also how by the pure power of his magic he defeated Thanos.

Main Loki then asks the alters to help them get out of the void and help them achieve their glorious aim. When the alters laugh, Loki leaves the bunker for the exit. However, a dozen other Lokis are standing outside to welcome him as he opens the bunker lid. Then we get a hilarious sequence from President Loki and the four alters. We learned then that the rest of the bunch were betrayed by Boastful Loki and told President Loki about our Loki. All the other Lokis, however, turn on each other, in the classic Loki style and there is an amusing fight. Main Loki, Kid Loki and Gator Loki are leaving the bunker together with Classic Loki.

Classic Loki agrees to help, provided they bring him not further, but to Alioth. Meanwhile, Alioth immediately welcomes her as Sylvie lands in the vacuum. When she tries to run for it, she has a short time to contact him. She sees a number of visions and then flees from him. That’s when a car goes to her. The driver is nothing else but Mobius, who takes Sylvie inside and escapes Alioth together. Since she believes that Alioth is the ticket to what is beyond the void, Sylvie asks Mobius to turn around. After that, Mobius and Sylvie meet Loki and their alters.

Sylvie tells him that killing will do nothing that is probably impossible, too. She shows she is planning to enchant it. Loki laughs unbelievably but Sylvie is quite trusting, with others on board. We then see Loki and Sylvie share a moment of love when in a shared blanket they snuggle. They seem to be still afraid to accept each other’s love. The 5th ending of Loki sees Loki and Sylvie offering Mobius farewell. Loki is hugging Mobius in an emotional farewell and Mobius is leaving the void by using TemPad she stole.

But he does not lure him away from Sylvie. Loki runs the other way, trying to distract him. We get the biggest spectacle of the show as Alioth closes in Sylvie. Alioth is suddenly distracted by the fact that the Asgard is conjured up by an immense illusion. We soon learn that the one who conjures this giant illusion is the Classic Loki. Just as Sylvie wondered how it was, Loki told her that they were perhaps much stronger than they knew. While Alioth enters to destroy the image, Loki and Sylvie tie on two cloud arms of Alioth. When Classical Loki stands last, Alioth finally consumes him, having finally found his glorious purpose.

Loki’s episode 5 ends and the castle is reached by Loki and Sylvie before credits begin to roll. Who belongs then to this castle? Of course, in this Castle resides the person who stays at the end of the time and has created the TVA. We’ve had a little insight into Loki and Sylvie on their way to the castle before in our trailers. Kang the conqueror is making a very compelling case as to who is the big bad thing about the show. Earlier in this episode, we also saw an Easter egg related to Kang. It seems to be sensible that the castle belongs to the time-lord Kang himself during Loki’s episode 5.

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