How To Merge Fleets In Stellaris – [Latest] All you need to know!

how to merge fleet in stellaris

Stellaris is all about managing your vessel fleets as you are travelling the world. Sometimes managing so many separate fleets can be somewhat unmanageable.

One of the best methods for solving this is to combine your fleets. Wondered how many fleets can be combined with Stellaris and you can get problems solved on the way?

Combination of your fleets is one of the easiest stuff in the game. Start with multiple fleets selected. To do so, just hold your Shift key down and choose the fleets you wish to fuse.
Hit the combine button to merge all the fleets once you have chosen all the fleets. You can also use “G” as a shortcut to save a certain amount of time.

Obviously, until they meet, your fleets can not fuse. So as long as you may direct ships to merge in several systems, it takes some time to meet and join each other

This will be sufficient to merge your fleets most of the time. However, if it doesn’t work, you may need to take a few steps to grasp it.

Certain RTS players hate to take a look at tooltips. It is a matter of pride for them to have everything figured out in the game. But if your fleets do not combine, you must inspect the response of the tooltips.

The answer is usually quite simple. Most of the time. Some speciality fleets, for example, may not be able to merge with specific ships. It is difficult to combine your ships with different types of drive systems.

In addition, fleets which carry out maintenance or upgrades cannot unite. And you cannot combine if this puts you across your Command Limit (more on this in a minute). You may also warn about user error using the tooltip; you would be amazed how often players hit the combine button and just a single fleet was picked.

You cannot get warned of everything while using the tooltip. For example, the game doesn’t know that you wanted to merge, but instead it will execute this command. You may not be able to combine fleets with empires when you do not have open borders with these empires.

The Command Points Limit limits the number of ships in a float. The actual number of ships is not the limit. This is because some ships are more important than others towards this limit. In other words, you might have 20 destroyers with a command limit of 20.

You won’t be able to combine if fusion fleets are to place you across the command line. The optimization of your fleets therefore includes mastering the art of shipping and division of fleets.

The transfer command is probably known to you already. In reality, many players click “transfer” mistakenly instead of “fusion” and wonder why their floats don’t fusion.

Start by picking a certain fleet and tapping the transfer button to transfer ships correctly. From this existing fleet, you can select a ship and move it into the new fleet. You may even do this with several ships in one fleet and then integrate the new fleet into one of your current fleets.

Why do you bother to move such boats? The design of most RTS games goes back to “rock, paper, scissors.” Nobody in the fleet will be able to deal with every situation. You can find the ideal way to tackle most problems by moving ships strategically around.

If ships are transferred via the aforesaid way you assume that different ships and setups will be micromanaged. What if you want a flood that is too enormous to split quickly?

The Split Fleet icon can be selected from your fleet. At that time, the computer will do everything it can to separate the one big fleet into two smaller, about equal fleets.

Why would you prefer fleets like these to be divided? This is the fastest technique to disintegrate a large flotilla, too large to unite with another flotilla. This is the finest approach for dividing the fleet from the same ships. For example, a massive flood of destructors can be divided into two smaller destroyed fleets, which are ready to merge if necessary.

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