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Elon Musk pledges that Tesla will build thousands of new EV charging stations 

Electric vehicles are an important factor in reaching emissions targets. In recent years, environmental groups have been campaigning for manufacturers to move away from petrol and diesel.  However, a lack of charging stations means many consumers are hesitant. 

Tesla has always been one of the most proactive companies in terms of building charging infrastructure, and it is about to be even more aggressive in doing this. 

Elon Musk. the company’s CEO pledged to the White House that Tesla will install 7,500 new charging stations in the US by the end of next year. And, unlike previous building projects, the new stations will be compatible with all types of electric vehicles, not just Tesla ones. 

How popular are electric cars? 

American citizens are divided over the idea of switching to electric vehicles. Some of the key concerns include fear of the unknown and practical issues, like not being able to refuel. 

Sales were over 360,000 in 2018, which is a huge ries from the 17,000 sales in 2011, but it’s still lower than the industry had hoped. Furthermore, people’s opinions are still split and a recent report by Pew Research Center report found 47% of U.S. adults support a proposal to phase out the production of gasoline-powered cars and trucks, while 51% oppose it.

On the other hand, another study by J.D Power found that most people who buy an electric vehicle are happy with their choice, with 80% saying they would purchase one again. 

When commenting on the study, Brent Gruber, senior director of global automotive at J.D. Power said: “Making the initial leap of faith into owning a BEV (battery electric vehicle) is proving to be very satisfying. We know from our research that many consumers have concerns during the purchase consideration process with aspects like battery range and vehicle charging. However, once someone has purchased a BEV, they’re pretty much hooked.”

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