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Google came up with a new travel tool!

Google's new travel tools
Google's new travel tools

Google has added a new travel tool to its search engine that gives COVID-19 related information about the travel destination. The company says there has been an increase in search terms among users like where to travel and travel restrictions, so these new features are added. Explore tool has also got its tab on In a blog post, Google said this new travel tool is for people who are planning a trip.

When people are looking for travel information, available flights, and hotels, COVID-19 alerts are also displayed. This new card shows if a region requires proof of vaccinations or quarantining upon arrival. Each location supports email alerts so that people can stay up to date on guidelines. To the source of the restrictions, Google also directly links to verify and get more information. After adding health and safety info to the hotel listings last year, Google’s step is taken to help provide extra data to potential travelers.

Google is also introducing Explore tab to its dedicated travel site to help to pan next vacation. Previously explore has been part of flights but the service has been redesigned and expanded. Now it will highlight hotels, a popular tourist attraction, and even the best time of the year to visit. Covid trends, travel advisories in the area, and percentage of operating flights each listing shows.

When the map is used in a desktop browser, it suggests stops like hotels, parks, and campgrounds will appear along the route. This feature cannot be used from the phone; the user can send it to the app when users are ready to hit the road. All of Google’s new travel tools are available since 28 April 2021. Many people are planning to travel this summer for the 1st time in over a year. They must know the local guidelines and restrictions for the place of visit. Google’s new trip-planning tools are very useful in this.

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