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iPhone 13 might have 5 big upgrades to compete Samsung Galaxy s21

iPhone 13 pro Red

New Apple iPhone 13 is about to launch in just a few months. According to our research, we have come to know that this time, iPhone 13 will generate tough competition with Samsung Galaxy S21. If news surfing over the internet is true, when iPhone 13 will launch, it will face stiff competition with the latest Samsung flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S21.

Reportedly, this year, Samsung has not found any consequences and disputes with its flagship phones by offering three compelling options which are gorgeous displays, powerful cameras, and great zoom capabilities. The company has received positive reviews from Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. This creates a major challenge for Apple iPhone 13. Upcoming iPhones will be run on iOS 15 software. Beyond this, iPhone 13 might have 5 big upgrades, which will be helpful for Apple iPhone 13 to compete with galaxy S21. Please, keep reading to check what will the 5 upgrades.

5 major upgrades, which apple will do compete with Samsung this time

Better Zoom

We can expect a lot of camera upgrades on the iPhone 13. Apple has a lot of grabbing up to do when it comes to its telephoto lens. The iPhone 12 Pro can currently zoom up to 2x, while the 12 Pro Max can zoom up to 2.5x. 

While the base model Galaxy S21 features 3x optical zoom, if you look at the S21 Ultra, it has a second telephoto lens that goes zooms up to 10x, with a possible digital zoom of 100x. SO it might be possible that we will experience a better zoom in iPhone 13.

120Hz refresh rate display

New Apple iPhone will have 120Hz refresh rate display which will be useful for less battery consumption. Moreover they are using LTPO tech to reduce battery consumption and make this device 20% more effective. Secondly, LTPO enables a variable refresh rate of between 1Hz and 120Hz. So that iPhone users can enjoy the high refresh rates

Touch id

Face mask became necessary after the pandemic of COVID-19. Due this users are facing problem with face based authentication. Due to covering half of your face with that mask, Face ID won’t work. Unlocking phone with the passcode became quite frustrated. So, to minimize the limitations of face mask, Apple will offer convenience of fingerprint sensor like Samsung Galaxy S21.

Moreover, a smaller notch and fast charging can be seen with above three upgrades. 

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