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Logitech discontinues its Harmony remotes officially


Logitech discontinues its Harmony remotes officially, said by Logitech itself.

In an Interview with Logitech, they had stated they are discontinuing the line of Harmony Universal remotes. Pieces that are currently in the retails, will be available to purchase. But there will be no supply for these remotes anymore. Here’s one statement that they made in the interview, “While Harmony remotes are and continue to be available through various retailers, moving forward Logitech will no longer manufacture Harmony remotes. ” Further they added they expected no impact to our customers by this announcement. They planed to support their Harmony community and new Harmony customers, which includes access to the software and apps to set up аnd mаnаge remotes. They аlso plаnned to continue to updаte the plаtform аnd аdd devices to dаtаbаse. Customer аnd wаrrаnty support will continue to be offered.”

Harmony remotes were introduced in the year 2004 by Logitech acquired intrigue technology. For those who are unaware of the harmony remotes, we let you know that harmony remote is the remote which controls a wide variety of gadgets. 

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to see a new Harmony remote from Logitech soon, you’ll be disappointed to learn that Logitech has made an announcement last week that in their forums in which they have officially ended their production of the Harmony remotes, are going discontinue them forever.

What is the main reason for discontinuing? 

Logitech company has not revealed the main reason behind this decision. Logitech Business has boomed during COVID-19 as they have recorded their sale in January is $1.67 million. Till the year 2013, Logitech company was making rapid noises as they were selling more of its Harmony Brand. But after 2019, due to the rise of stream services all around the world, these remotes are not much crucial to everyone. Maybe this the reason, why they are discontinuing its harmony universal reports.

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