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Dexter season 9, the original cast won’t be seen!


According to James Remar, in Dexter season 9, the original cast won’t be seen. Having died before the events of season 1, his character had a recurring role in the series throughout its eight seasons. Harry Morgan was played by James Remar, Dexter’s adoptive father who appeared in flashbacks, and Dexter’s internal monologue he was a part. Dexter followed a set of rules set by his father; he could get away with murder and decide who should be killed.

Showtime ended without satisfying endings to any of the characters, making it one of the worst ending in Showtime history. Dexter always has the most hated finishes. Michael C. Hall is returning as the titular serial killer, with Clancy Brown as the main villain named Kurt Caldwell and Jamie Chung playing a true-crime podcaster. For season 9, none of the original cast has been announced except for Hall. Claims made by James that none of the original cast is returning for season 9. In response to ahmedlamotta on Instagram, he explained that he doesn’t know the plan for revival by Showtime and isn’t involved. He also shared that the original cast wants to return but was not connected by Showtime.

Mistakes made in season 8 Showtime is trying to fix; the revival won’t undo anything that happened in the finale. This means that Debra, who died in the season 8 finale to finish their stories properly, won’t be returning from the dead. Jennifer Carpenter specifically might not return. It would not be delightful to see if any of the previous cast is not returning. Dexter season 9 isn’t returning to Miami. James is not aware of Showtime plans, and he is making the claims based on the previous cast he is in touch with. The show is returning in the fall this year. For more details, the audience will have to wait till further announcements are made by Showtime.

Dexter is an American crime drama mystery TV series that aired on Showtime from October 1, 2006. Set in Maimi. The series revolves around Dexter Morgan, a forensic technician.





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